Festive 15: Events on the 15th Floor!

This week we are having many great events and among them is a party on the ENTIRE 15th floor: Festive 15!  All the showrooms will have food, beverages, and best of all–new products for you to find in a fun treasure hunt (it’s easy, don’t worry).  It will be happening all day on Wednesday and Thursday so don’t miss it.

The best part, besides seeing all of our new products, is the prizes you could win!  One is a gift certificate to Felidia Restaurant (delicious), and the other is to a Spa, Complete Body and Spa on 57th street!  We can’t enter, so please come by and find our new products and leave a business card.  What could be better than new designs, a little wine, and chance to win prizes?  Nothing.

Vaughan NYC

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Bunny Williams Book Signing at Vaughan!

Bunny Williams

We are beyond excited to be hosting Bunny Williams at our showroom (on the 15th floor) in New York this coming Wednesday, October 6th at 4PM!  Market Week in the D & D Building is full of great events, talks, and new products but this event should NOT be missed. The talk will be accompanied by delicious cookies and assorted beverages (YUM).

Scrapbook for Living by Bunny Williams available at our event!

Bunny will be speaking about her new book, Scrapbook for Living.  Copies will be available for purchase here, at Vaughan, and you can also have it signed!  I know I’ll be having mine signed!  So, mark your calendars and please call us at 212.319.7070 and let us know that you’re coming.

Vaughan NYC

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Vaughan New Products!

If you are familiar with Vaughan, you know that we come out with next and exciting products quite often.  At Focus last week in London a bunch of new lights and some furniture were introduced.  Since there are so many (too many for just one post!), let’s review the glass ones.  Take a look:

Klosters Glass Candlestick

The candlestick lamp is a classic lamp but in this textured glass the Klosters Glass Candlestick is more modern and fresh!

Aspen Crystal Rope Column Lamp

The Aspen Crystal Rope Lamp is pretty twisted glass that looks like it’s melting into a pool, which forms the base.

Zermatt Crystal Lamp with Charcoal Glass

This series of glass lamps are sculptural and organic with protruding glass circles in different colors.  I love the charcoal one above.  Perfect for a bedside table, or a lamp by a sofa in the living room or den.

Zermatt Crystal Lamp with Violet glass

The Zermatt also comes in a soft Violet color as above!

Davos Crystal Lamp

In the same line as the Zermatt lamps, the Davos Crystal lamp has open glass circles.  The aqua one above is bright, modern and fun.

Davos Crystal Lamp

The Davos Crystal Lamp in violet glass is subtle and very pretty. We have a few of these in our showroom in NYC already, so come and see them in person.  What else do you have to do on a dark rainy day like this?

If you want to see more new products, take a look HERE!  Or just stay tuned for my next run through of new products (just when you thought it couldn’t get any better)–ceramic lamps.

Vaughan NYC

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Shagreen Dream

Shagreen detail

If you’ve been watching the trends at all lately or even opened up a shelter magazine of late, you’d see that shagreen is back (for some of us, it never left).  It’s on accessories, tables, mirrors, wallets and many more.  Shagreen is an untanned leather made from sharks and stingrays, but ours is faux.  Having faux shagreen makes the pieces affordable, makes us sympathetic to our friends in the sea, and the shagreen is more durable, too!

Three Tiered Nickel Etagere with Green Shagreen

At Vaughan we have our own shagreen pieces–2 and 3 tier etagere tables. The etagere above is also available in 2-tiers.

2-Tiered Nickel Etagere with Ivory Shagreen

The ivory etagere is very modern and light looking.  This also is available in a 3-tier version.

Three Tiered Brass Etagere with Soft Brown Shagreen

The soft brown shagreen is has a very earthy look and is one of our newest color additions to the collection. In the brass, you could work this table into a more traditional style.

Soft Brown Shagreen Detail

Here is a detail of the top of this table so you can see the soft brown better. We have this one in the NYC showroom so please come in and see it!

Three Tiered Nickel Etagere with Black Shagreen

This is another one of our new colors as well; the black shagreen.

How chic are these?  I could see these in a library or a study, or on either side of a sofa as a side table.  The green or the white ones would be ideal (a dream, really) in a bathroom for your towels and bath accessories.  They are very versatile for any style and with two different sizes, you could work them into any space! Please come in and see them in person if you have a chance.

Vaughan NYC

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Vaughan at The Aldyn!

Many designers love to use our products for showhouses (and we love it too!).  The newest showhouse at The Aldyn on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is an amazing collaboration of fashion designers and interior designers.   Many of the designers there used Vaughan but today we’ll be looking at Jennifer McGee’s room (thanks to Ms. Heather at Habitually Chic).  Jennifer McGee was inspired by Babe Paley, who was an incredibly influential force in fashion in the 1950s.

The Rock Table lamp in brass looks great on the light lucite console table.  And if you look above the painting of the heron (??) you will see that it is lit by a simple and delicate Vaughan Picture light!

The Etruscan Alabaster Urn Lamp glows beautifully atop the white painted bedside table.

Here is the beautiful designer Jennifer McGee posing with another Vaughan lamp, the Bourges Candlestick lamp!

Off to the left is the Rock Table lamp and by the window is our new glass lamp, the Courcheval Twisted Crystal Lamp.

Here are the close-ups for these lamps that Jennifer McGee used in the bedroom.

Rock Table Lamp in Brass

The Rock Table lamp also comes in Nickel and Bronze.

Straight Arm Picture lights

The Straight Arm picture lights which were used above the painting come in varying sizes.  These are meant to be used behind a painting or a mirror but we have other options with a round backplate HERE depending on where you need them.

The Bourges Candlestick lamp was used on the desk in this bedroom.  It is a classic lamp and you can never go wrong if you use it.

The Etruscan Alabaster Urn was placed on the bedside table above.

The Courcheval Twisted Crystal Lamp is one of our newer glass lamps and is graceful and gorgeous.  This lamp is hard to see in the image above but it was on the desk by the window.

I can’t wait to see this showhouse in person (seeing Vaughan in person is the best way to experience it anyway!).  The Aldyn Showhouse is open until December 21st but you should take a trip over there right away before it’s too late! All the showhouse images were from Habitually Chic and the other images are from our website.

Vaughan NYC

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Do you need a Crystal Chandelier?

Lymington Chandelier

At Vaughan we have many very dramatic and very beautiful glass and crystal chandeliers.  These can be used in a very traditional or transitional setting to bring a bright and new feeling to the setting, or of course in a more modern interior for a glamorous look.  Above is the Lymington Chandelier, our newest glass chandelier, which also comes in a two tiered version HERE.

Sorbonne Chandelier

The Sorbonne Chandelier is 34″ high with layered glass hoops to reflect the light.

Large Verbier Crystal Chandelier

The Verbier, here in the large size, is a Deco style chandelier with mottled crystal rings and balls which also reflect light around a room very beautifully.

Small Verbier Crystal Chandelier

The small Verbier Chandelier is a bit more petit at 34″ high but still demands your attention in any room.

Have you used any of these fixtures in a design?  Here are some examples of these gorgeous chandeliers being used in equally gorgeous spaces:

The Sorbonne Chandelier at the Tatler Restaurant

If you’re looking for drama, putting 5 of these chandeliers in a row if certainly the way to go.  The Sorbonne Chandelier looks incredible at the Tatler Restaurant in London.

The Sorbonne Chandelier used by Summer Thornton

Even just one Sorbonne Chandelier can make a room look complete.  The designer, Summer Thornton, used our Sorbonne Chandelier in this super glamorous sitting room.

Vaughan Chelsea Flower Show

The Verbier Chandelier looks exquisite in this light filled room with the conservatory glass ceiling at the Chelsea Flower show in London.  This chandelier comes in two sizes in case you don’t have as high ceilings as most do in the UK!

If you want a look like this but don’t have high ceilings and can only fit a flush mount, don’t fret–we have options for you!

Rouen Flush Mount

The Rouen Flush Mount light  would be a perfect fixture in a bathroom, front hall, or down a hallway as it is only 10 1/2″ deep!

Sorbonne Flush Ceiling Light

If you have a little more space, the Sorbonne Flush mount would be very elegant and is still only 17 1/2″ deep.

Saturn Flush Ceiling Light

The Saturn Flush mount light is another fun deco style fixture that also gives off a good amount of light and is only 10″ deep!

One of the best things about these fixtures is that they are light in feeling–not heavy, though they are quite large and they always make a statement in a room.  Have you used any of these fixtures in your home or for a client?

Vaughan NYC

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy looking in the mirror?  At Vaughan we love looking AT our mirrors, too because they’re good looking, as well.

This dynamic room was designed by Robert Stern in a seaside home.  You can really see how the mirror expands the room, making it even larger.

Barberini Mirror

This is the mirror that Robert Stern used in the bedroom above.  The Barberini Mirror is 51″ x 35″.

This is a shot of our Mount Joy Round Mirror from Homes and Gardens Magazine.  Placing a mirror above a mantle is a great idea.  It provides a focal point for the room as well as depth in the space.

Mountjoy Round Mirror

Here is the Mountjoy Mirror in all it’s glory! The Mountjoy has a 31.5″ diameter and is surrounded by faceted glass tiles.

Fitzwilliam Mirror

The Fitzwilliam Oval Mirror is the oval version of the Mountjoy.  All you need to decide now is whether oval or round is appropriate for the space!

Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror looks incredibly glamorous in this monochrome bedroom scene designed by Emily Todhunter.  The little crystal stacked cube lamp (Chicago Square Column) is a Vaughan lamp, too! From Traditional Home Nov. 2003.

The Vaughan Window in the D&D Building

Right now in our window in the D & D building we have (among others Vaughan pieces) our Venetian Mirror. It looks very modern and fresh surrounded by the bright pops of color in our lampshades and fabrics.

These Venetian style mirrors are glamorous and classic but they can be used in many different styles; both modern as well as traditional and they always make a statement.  We have some non Venetian mirrors too which are just as beautiful:

Portofino Mirror in Nickel Finish

The Portofino Mirror, which also comes in brass finish, would be ideal in a front hall, living room, or bedroom and would certainly make a small space seem larger.

Soller Round Giltwood Mirror

The Soller Round Giltwood Mirror would be a great mirror to put over a mantle, yes?  It is also available in a Silver gilt finish.

Deya Oval Silver Wood Mirror

We also offer an oval in this style mirror, the Deya Oval Mirror.  Above is an example of the silver wood mirror.  Quite striking and dramatic.

Loredan Mirror

This is one of my absolute favorite new mirrors.  The fun pattern around the edges reminds me subway tile. The Loredan Mirror has a smaller version, the Padua Mirror.

Mirrors can be used in so many different ways.  Two over a double bathroom sink, one in the front hall to greet you, or another over your dresser to look at your lovely reflection.  Take a look at our mirror section on our website for more options or if you can’t decide please email me at blog@vaughandesigns.com !

Vaughan NYC

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