Holiday Sparkle at Vaughan

Nothing speaks “holidays” like a little bit of sparkle.  Adding just a little bit of it can really brighten up a room during all your many holiday celebrations–Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just a Friday night.

Different metals like a bright brass or a nickel are perfect for adding some holiday flair.  Instead of a traditional red shade, mix it up with a bright pink as on the Aiglon above!

The Woodville Table lamp comes in bronze and nickel and with a fun lampshade on it, it would be the perfect addition to a living room or library while you enjoy a holiday cocktail.

The Boulder table lamp is a beautiful brass sculptural lamp and would bring a wonderful holiday shine to a room.  Maybe with a tartan plaid custom shade?  It also comes in nickel and bronze.

If you want to evoke a winter wonderland feeling, the Twig Table Lamp would be ideal.  It is an organic shape and has many subtle details which makes this lamp very charming.

Imagine this lighting up your living room or over your dining table while enjoying a holiday meal with your family.  The Selwyn Chandelier is one of our newest in the collection.


The great thing is that when the holidays are over, you still have a beautiful room to enjoy–and without the crazy relatives!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Vaughan!!


Vaughan NYC


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