New Products: Ceramic Edition

We started reviewing new products launched last month at FOCUS but this month has been such a whirlwind here at Vaughan with all these events at Fall Market week (see our Bunny Williams book signing for example!), it’s been busy!

Aegina Ceramic Vase in Purple

We’ll continue our new product fun with ceramics.  This cream and purple vase lamp, The Aegina Ceramic Vase in purple,  is sure to warm up any room in this cold weather.

Aegina Ceramic Vase in Blue

The Aegina also comes in a bright and lively watery blue version, too!

Toulon Ceramic Vase

This petite lamp, the Toulon, reminds me of turquoise jewelry–which I absolutely love.  The shape and size of this is perfect for a bedside lamp.

Chablais Ceramic Lamp

The Chablais. These sculptural lamps are so unique and remind me of abstract art.  I love how many different shades of green are on this one lamp–so beautiful!

Briancon Ceramic Lamp

Here is another, taller version of this abstract lamp, the Briancon in brown and cream.

Moselle Ceramic Vase

If you’re looking for something more transitional, the Moselle, a cream vase with a raised design is a beautiful choice.

Bamboo Lear Ceramic Vase

This is a striking twist on a Chinese ceramic lamp with a simple bamboo pattern on it.  The Bamboo Leaf Ceramic Vase is one of my favorite of all the new lamps.

Of course I suggest you see these in person because all of our products are so beautiful and interesting that they are best seen in person. So…which one is your favorite?  Would you use any of these for a client?  Take a look at more of our new products HERE!

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