Scrapbook for Living Book Signing with Bunny Williams!


Bunny Williams's new book Scrapbook for Living

Yesterday, Vaughan hosted a talk and book signing with Bunny Williams for her excellent new book, Scrapbook for Living.


Bunny Williams speaking about her new book!


In the book, Scrapbook for Living, Bunny was inspired by how people live, organize, and entertain in their homes.  She made the point that homes are for living in and they don’t always stay perfect, but that’s what makes it a home. At the beginning of her talk she emphasized how important lighting is–it can make or break a room!


Bunny with our Vaughan Fabrics


In the Q & A after her talk, Bunny offered very practical advice such as what hangers to use, and how to store linens and bedspreads so they are easily accessed.  She spoke about her amazing and still expanding line BeeLine Home which has great home accessories from faux fur throws to sofa side tables.


Scrapbook for Living by Bunny Williams


After she spoke, Bunny signed books (see book above) as our guests enjoyed some wine, iced tea and cookies!  If you came, you learned a lot from Bunny Williams, but if you didn’t you should purchase her book from Potterton Books!

We thank Bunny very much for coming to the Vaughan Showroom and giving us the pleasure of her company and infinite design wisdom!

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