Vaughan New Products!

If you are familiar with Vaughan, you know that we come out with next and exciting products quite often.  At Focus last week in London a bunch of new lights and some furniture were introduced.  Since there are so many (too many for just one post!), let’s review the glass ones.  Take a look:

Klosters Glass Candlestick

The candlestick lamp is a classic lamp but in this textured glass the Klosters Glass Candlestick is more modern and fresh!

Aspen Crystal Rope Column Lamp

The Aspen Crystal Rope Lamp is pretty twisted glass that looks like it’s melting into a pool, which forms the base.

Zermatt Crystal Lamp with Charcoal Glass

This series of glass lamps are sculptural and organic with protruding glass circles in different colors.  I love the charcoal one above.  Perfect for a bedside table, or a lamp by a sofa in the living room or den.

Zermatt Crystal Lamp with Violet glass

The Zermatt also comes in a soft Violet color as above!

Davos Crystal Lamp

In the same line as the Zermatt lamps, the Davos Crystal lamp has open glass circles.  The aqua one above is bright, modern and fun.

Davos Crystal Lamp

The Davos Crystal Lamp in violet glass is subtle and very pretty. We have a few of these in our showroom in NYC already, so come and see them in person.  What else do you have to do on a dark rainy day like this?

If you want to see more new products, take a look HERE!  Or just stay tuned for my next run through of new products (just when you thought it couldn’t get any better)–ceramic lamps.

Vaughan NYC


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