Shagreen Dream

Shagreen detail

If you’ve been watching the trends at all lately or even opened up a shelter magazine of late, you’d see that shagreen is back (for some of us, it never left).  It’s on accessories, tables, mirrors, wallets and many more.  Shagreen is an untanned leather made from sharks and stingrays, but ours is faux.  Having faux shagreen makes the pieces affordable, makes us sympathetic to our friends in the sea, and the shagreen is more durable, too!

Three Tiered Nickel Etagere with Green Shagreen

At Vaughan we have our own shagreen pieces–2 and 3 tier etagere tables. The etagere above is also available in 2-tiers.

2-Tiered Nickel Etagere with Ivory Shagreen

The ivory etagere is very modern and light looking.  This also is available in a 3-tier version.

Three Tiered Brass Etagere with Soft Brown Shagreen

The soft brown shagreen is has a very earthy look and is one of our newest color additions to the collection. In the brass, you could work this table into a more traditional style.

Soft Brown Shagreen Detail

Here is a detail of the top of this table so you can see the soft brown better. We have this one in the NYC showroom so please come in and see it!

Three Tiered Nickel Etagere with Black Shagreen

This is another one of our new colors as well; the black shagreen.

How chic are these?  I could see these in a library or a study, or on either side of a sofa as a side table.  The green or the white ones would be ideal (a dream, really) in a bathroom for your towels and bath accessories.  They are very versatile for any style and with two different sizes, you could work them into any space! Please come in and see them in person if you have a chance.

Vaughan NYC


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