Vaughan at The Aldyn!

Many designers love to use our products for showhouses (and we love it too!).  The newest showhouse at The Aldyn on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is an amazing collaboration of fashion designers and interior designers.   Many of the designers there used Vaughan but today we’ll be looking at Jennifer McGee’s room (thanks to Ms. Heather at Habitually Chic).  Jennifer McGee was inspired by Babe Paley, who was an incredibly influential force in fashion in the 1950s.

The Rock Table lamp in brass looks great on the light lucite console table.  And if you look above the painting of the heron (??) you will see that it is lit by a simple and delicate Vaughan Picture light!

The Etruscan Alabaster Urn Lamp glows beautifully atop the white painted bedside table.

Here is the beautiful designer Jennifer McGee posing with another Vaughan lamp, the Bourges Candlestick lamp!

Off to the left is the Rock Table lamp and by the window is our new glass lamp, the Courcheval Twisted Crystal Lamp.

Here are the close-ups for these lamps that Jennifer McGee used in the bedroom.

Rock Table Lamp in Brass

The Rock Table lamp also comes in Nickel and Bronze.

Straight Arm Picture lights

The Straight Arm picture lights which were used above the painting come in varying sizes.  These are meant to be used behind a painting or a mirror but we have other options with a round backplate HERE depending on where you need them.

The Bourges Candlestick lamp was used on the desk in this bedroom.  It is a classic lamp and you can never go wrong if you use it.

The Etruscan Alabaster Urn was placed on the bedside table above.

The Courcheval Twisted Crystal Lamp is one of our newer glass lamps and is graceful and gorgeous.  This lamp is hard to see in the image above but it was on the desk by the window.

I can’t wait to see this showhouse in person (seeing Vaughan in person is the best way to experience it anyway!).  The Aldyn Showhouse is open until December 21st but you should take a trip over there right away before it’s too late! All the showhouse images were from Habitually Chic and the other images are from our website.

Vaughan NYC


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