Do you need a Crystal Chandelier?

Lymington Chandelier

At Vaughan we have many very dramatic and very beautiful glass and crystal chandeliers.  These can be used in a very traditional or transitional setting to bring a bright and new feeling to the setting, or of course in a more modern interior for a glamorous look.  Above is the Lymington Chandelier, our newest glass chandelier, which also comes in a two tiered version HERE.

Sorbonne Chandelier

The Sorbonne Chandelier is 34″ high with layered glass hoops to reflect the light.

Large Verbier Crystal Chandelier

The Verbier, here in the large size, is a Deco style chandelier with mottled crystal rings and balls which also reflect light around a room very beautifully.

Small Verbier Crystal Chandelier

The small Verbier Chandelier is a bit more petit at 34″ high but still demands your attention in any room.

Have you used any of these fixtures in a design?  Here are some examples of these gorgeous chandeliers being used in equally gorgeous spaces:

The Sorbonne Chandelier at the Tatler Restaurant

If you’re looking for drama, putting 5 of these chandeliers in a row if certainly the way to go.  The Sorbonne Chandelier looks incredible at the Tatler Restaurant in London.

The Sorbonne Chandelier used by Summer Thornton

Even just one Sorbonne Chandelier can make a room look complete.  The designer, Summer Thornton, used our Sorbonne Chandelier in this super glamorous sitting room.

Vaughan Chelsea Flower Show

The Verbier Chandelier looks exquisite in this light filled room with the conservatory glass ceiling at the Chelsea Flower show in London.  This chandelier comes in two sizes in case you don’t have as high ceilings as most do in the UK!

If you want a look like this but don’t have high ceilings and can only fit a flush mount, don’t fret–we have options for you!

Rouen Flush Mount

The Rouen Flush Mount light  would be a perfect fixture in a bathroom, front hall, or down a hallway as it is only 10 1/2″ deep!

Sorbonne Flush Ceiling Light

If you have a little more space, the Sorbonne Flush mount would be very elegant and is still only 17 1/2″ deep.

Saturn Flush Ceiling Light

The Saturn Flush mount light is another fun deco style fixture that also gives off a good amount of light and is only 10″ deep!

One of the best things about these fixtures is that they are light in feeling–not heavy, though they are quite large and they always make a statement in a room.  Have you used any of these fixtures in your home or for a client?

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