Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy looking in the mirror?  At Vaughan we love looking AT our mirrors, too because they’re good looking, as well.

This dynamic room was designed by Robert Stern in a seaside home.  You can really see how the mirror expands the room, making it even larger.

Barberini Mirror

This is the mirror that Robert Stern used in the bedroom above.  The Barberini Mirror is 51″ x 35″.

This is a shot of our Mount Joy Round Mirror from Homes and Gardens Magazine.  Placing a mirror above a mantle is a great idea.  It provides a focal point for the room as well as depth in the space.

Mountjoy Round Mirror

Here is the Mountjoy Mirror in all it’s glory! The Mountjoy has a 31.5″ diameter and is surrounded by faceted glass tiles.

Fitzwilliam Mirror

The Fitzwilliam Oval Mirror is the oval version of the Mountjoy.  All you need to decide now is whether oval or round is appropriate for the space!

Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror looks incredibly glamorous in this monochrome bedroom scene designed by Emily Todhunter.  The little crystal stacked cube lamp (Chicago Square Column) is a Vaughan lamp, too! From Traditional Home Nov. 2003.

The Vaughan Window in the D&D Building

Right now in our window in the D & D building we have (among others Vaughan pieces) our Venetian Mirror. It looks very modern and fresh surrounded by the bright pops of color in our lampshades and fabrics.

These Venetian style mirrors are glamorous and classic but they can be used in many different styles; both modern as well as traditional and they always make a statement.  We have some non Venetian mirrors too which are just as beautiful:

Portofino Mirror in Nickel Finish

The Portofino Mirror, which also comes in brass finish, would be ideal in a front hall, living room, or bedroom and would certainly make a small space seem larger.

Soller Round Giltwood Mirror

The Soller Round Giltwood Mirror would be a great mirror to put over a mantle, yes?  It is also available in a Silver gilt finish.

Deya Oval Silver Wood Mirror

We also offer an oval in this style mirror, the Deya Oval Mirror.  Above is an example of the silver wood mirror.  Quite striking and dramatic.

Loredan Mirror

This is one of my absolute favorite new mirrors.  The fun pattern around the edges reminds me subway tile. The Loredan Mirror has a smaller version, the Padua Mirror.

Mirrors can be used in so many different ways.  Two over a double bathroom sink, one in the front hall to greet you, or another over your dresser to look at your lovely reflection.  Take a look at our mirror section on our website for more options or if you can’t decide please email me at blog@vaughandesigns.com !

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