Posh Sconces

Tole & Mirror Wall light in Tortoise

This week is New York Fashion Week and while fashion and design often follow one another, they literally went hand in hand here!  Victoria Beckham launched her new collection which I thought was (mostly) fabulous, and she used one of our favorite sconces on her runway.

Victoria Beckham's Curvy Collection

The Tole and mirror wall light is a classic sconce that is unassuming, yet never goes unnoticed.

The curved faceted mirror backplate reflects light quite well. Also, I love this white dress in Victoria Beckham’s Spring Collection!

The whole runway in an Upper East Side townhouse.

I’m not sure if I like the dress or the fixture but I’m leaning towards…the light.

She loves these sconces so much that she used them for her runway show in February’s Fashion Week, too!

They look wonderful with a pop of color too!  This is from her earlier fashion show as well and I think they look great with the turquoise (color of the year).

Vaughan offers these fixtures in many finishes:

Tole & Mirror Wall light in Antique Gold Finish

Tole & Mirror Wall light in Rust Finish

Tole & Mirror Wall light in Ivory Finish

I love the Ivory finish with its subtle detail of the gold beading around the mirror.

Tole & Mirror Wall light in Silver Gilt Finish

The Silver Gilt is the newest finish that we are making.  I love the bright finish on this classic sconce.

While I tend to think that any and all of our fixtures are runway-worthy, I love the fact that they were actually on a runway!  Clearly, interior designers as well as fashion designers are drawn to these lights.  If you’re interested, please email me at blog@vaughandesigns.com  Most of the images are from the Vaughan Website, HERE, and HERE.

Vaughan NYC


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2 Responses to Posh Sconces

  1. I have used this sconce over a fireplace, flanking a piece of art. The client loved the sconces and they have become a favorite in my work as a designer. They are pictured on my blog, blog.cpdsgn.com.

  2. Constance, That’s great–these are such wonderful sconces! Thanks for commenting and we will link your blog on our list!

    Vaughan NYC

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