Vaughan New Products!

Are you ever curious about the latest and greatest new products we have here at Vaughan ?  Well, of course you are! Here are some of the new products that just arrived in our showroom in NYC.

Colvara Wall light in Bronze

Colvara Wall light in Bright Nickel

How pretty and fun are these Colvara Wall lights?  Ever since we have added these to our collection, people have been calling nonstop!  You can pick (nearly) any color for the shade to match it to the colors in your room.

Lymington Chandelier

The Lymington is a chandelier made of curved glass shafts and reflect light from every little facet.  This small version may be petite but definitely makes an impact. HERE is the larger version.

Springfield Wall light in Brass

Springfield Wall light in Bronze

The Springfield is another version of THIS fixture which we also have here in the showroom.  I love the proportions of the above fixture.

Touzac Wall Light in Silver Gilt w/ Light Horn

Touzac Wall light in Gilt w/ Dark Horn

The beauty of this fixture is that it looks different in every light and the light that reflects from the horn is so gorgeous!

We usually have a few of these fixtures in stock and if not they are soon arriving.  Or just call us and we can tell you! for emailing as well.

Vaughan NYC


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