Everything Is Better in Pairs

In this case, we here at Vaughan think that table lamps are better in pairs!  On either side of a bed, a sofa, or a pair lighting up a sideboard in your dining room. Here are some examples by designers:

A pair of Hudson Column Table lamps sit atop this modular white sideboard reflecting other objects in the room. From Homes and Gardens Magazine.

A pair of Vaughan Fishtail Vase lamps in Apple green add to the soft green and white palette in this bedroom.  We also make these in celadon, white, duck egg blue, and sang de boeuf!  Featured in Veranda Magazine in 2005 by Toby West.

Speaking of fishtail vases, here are two more!  Our Tortoiseshell Fishtail Vase lamps look beautiful with the gold sunburst mirror on this console table. From Veranda February 2010.

The Hardwick table lamp, also available in brass helps ground this colorful and whimsical room.  Aren’t the hot pink shades fun?  From Homes and Gardens.

This exquisitely beautiful sitting room and library has many heavy elements but the pair of glass table lamps definitely lightens it up.  The Baluster glass table lamps are a perfect choice by designer/socialite Marella Agnelli.  From the late House and Garden.

What else is better in pairs?  Sconces, floor lamps, side tables…just to name a few.  And of course, all from Vaughan.  Give us a call in the NYC Showroom if you have any questions or like anything that you see!

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