X Marks the Spot

One of our very favorite fixtures (there are a lot of favorites) is a hanging shade that has been in our collection for a few years.  The Menton Hanging Shade is a classic and fresh looking hanging lampshade.  Typically it is used over a kitchen island but we have seen it used in many other places as well.

This is a kitchen designed by Christopher Peacock.  The Menton is a nickel finish and the shade inside is an Ivory Linen.

Here is the absolutely stunning close up of this fixture.  It is simple and elegant.

McKee Patterson Architects used our Menton Hanging shades in a breakfast room, making them visible from the kitchen.

They look great in antique brass in this traditional breakfast room, yes?

The great thing about these shades is that you can use your own fabric or any of our fabrics as well for a different look. We have had designers use stripes, checks, too!

The Menton also comes in a large size!  The large is 20″ diameter on the bottom while the small is about 15″.

Have you ever used this fixture before?  What do you prefer for a kitchen?  Let us know what you think! All images are from House Beautiful and our website.

Cheers!  Vaughan NYC


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