Vaughan Fabrics

Mashiko Embroidered Linen

Vaughan launched a 2 new collections of fabric: the Aegean Collection, inspired by 17th and 18th century Greek and Turkish textiles, and the Oriental Collection, inspired by Chinese, Japanese, and South East Asian motifs.  They are silk embroidered on a light natural linen.

They can be used for pillows, upholstery, and of course drapery.  The designs are fun, sophisticated and full of color.

Many of our textiles are hand embroidered.  Here are a few examples but you’d need to check out our textiles section of our website to see all of them:

Kos Embroidered Linen

Ios Embroidered Linen

Hydra Embroidered Linen

Hydra Embroidered Linen in Blue

Santorini Embroidered Linen

Here are some of our favorite machine embroidered fabrics:

Embroidered Linen Manisa

Milas Embroidered Linen

Mino Embroidered Linen in Blue

Seto Embroidered Linen in Blue

We do tend to stock a lot of these fabrics so if you’re interested, let us know!  I know I may be a bit biased since I work at Vaughan, but these fabrics are amazing!  I have even purchased a few yards of the Mino Embroidered Linen for an upholstered headboard.  What do you think?  Which ones are your favorites?

Cheers!  Vaughan NYC


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